63 Little Pieces - Version 0.41!!!

In case you might haven't noticed, Version 0.41 is here!!!

This update, submitted to the VI Playstation Talents in Portugal, brings a new pause and end level screens, something I wanted to add for quite the time. So now, instead of having that minimalist black & white screen with "3" stars made of 4 coded objects, you now have over 20 which provide direct feedback to what goals you have achieved. Check the video below: 

Interestingly, since these achievements are distinct to each other the menu required a non linear solution. So depending on the goals achieved some animation are skipped. When you think of it, it's a no brainer but usually we don't think of or notice this kind of things. So I just wanted to point that out.

Along with this long awaited update I want to add on, there's a bunch of graphical updates and bug fixes: 

Bugs, Graphical and other updates: 

  • New pause and end level screen with black & white stars sprites replaced with a key, a watch and a shiny block; 
    and added the choice of quitting, replaying or moving directly to the next level; 
  • Extended the compability of the mouse and XBOX Controller to new features;
  • Playing a locked level with mouse left click before its unlocking;
  • Fixed the "star" positions and number colours on Level Select Menu;
  • Changed levels dialogs and its font;
  • Changed the collectible key's sprites and added a floating animation;
  • Updated wall graphics; and fixed the depth of floating platforms and wall shadows; 
  • Fixed pixelated vortex graphics;

With that being said, I'm currently focusing on the graphics, with over 450 sprites in the pipeline, I'm working on automating their creation and seamlessly adding the same effects over similar assets. That aside, a new gameplay mechanic is also in the works.


Stay tuned, safe and have fun!

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