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63 Little Pieces

An Atmospheric Block Sliding Puzzle Game · By Samuel Sousa


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63 Little Pieces at NCFC 2021
Hi community! The Nintendo Commmunity Fan Games Convention (NCFC) is about to begin! This year held by Mario Fan Games Galaxy (MFGG). The event will last from t...
63 Little Pieces at SAGE 21
Hi community! 63 Little Pieces was at SAGE 21 digital event, feel free to visit my booths: 63 Little Pieces , Shoot & Destroy X and Dodge Spree X . My games can...
Interview - Lisbon Games Week - Loading Zone
Hi community! I had the opportunity to sit with Bernardo Candeias for an interview for Lisbon Games Week - Loading Zone about the past, present and the future...
2nd Place at GDWC's Weekly Vote - Round 21
Hello guys and gals! 63 Little Pieces has come in 2nd place on round 21 and is now featured among on GDWC last week's Top 3 . Thank you so much for your support...
Support 63 Little Pieces on GDWC
Hi, guys and gals! 63 Little Pieces is now featured on GDWC's Weekly Fan Favorite Vote. What is GDWC? The Game Development World Championship is an annual compe...
Playstation Talents Awards + New Trailer
Hi community! In the light of recent events, here is the news I have to share... In case you didn't check in with the Playstation Talents ceremony announcements...
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Indie X 2020 Interview & Moshbit Gaming Awards
Hello, ladies and gentlemen! As you might know, 63 Little Pieces was listed in the top 10 independent video games in the VI Playstation Talents Awards back in t...
The Plot Thickens - Ver 0.42 is here!
Hi, guys and gals! New version available for Windows & OUYA. Go grab your prefered version... or both! Sorry OUYA fans for the delay, it just wasn't working :)...
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